Group Sessions

Over the years it has been my pleasure and my privilege to address groups, lead retreats, and facilitate adult learning related to experiencing a full, happy,  spiritual life.

I would be happy to talk with you about facilitating evening or weekend sessions on a number of topics that support living a spiritual life in modern society.



Topics suggested but not limited to:

  • Reflections on Poetry and literature : Readings

  • A survey of classical contemplative literature

  • The lives of the spiritual masters

  • Mental Prayer, Contemplation, and Lectio Divina

  • Addiction and Spirituality

  • Balancing a life of action and contemplation: Martha & Mary

  • Becoming a Channel of God’s love

  • The Spiritual Disciplines

  • Cultivating Silence and Solitude

  • Transforming your life through Trust and Reliance on God

  • Discovering your purpose and your gifts

  • Staying ‘Connected’ to God, to yourself, and to others

To request more information on scheduling an evening session, a day of reflection, or weekend retreat, please provide the following information: (Northwest Region)