It all started with books….

I have had an obsession with books since I was in elementary school. I joined my first “book of the month” club in the eighth grade, and remember one of my first books to come in the mail was Charles Dickens ” A Tale of Two Cities”.

“It was the best of times-it was the worst of times” 

With the books first sentence, I was hooked for life on the written word.

Since then, I have collected books at library sales, book stores, second hand book shops, and yes, Amazon.

I have a Kindle full of the free and 99 cent books, but I will forever prefer holding a hard copy in my hand, flipping back and forth through the pages- the smell and feel of the paper is imprinted in my neural pathways.

Simply browsing through the library is like smelling a good meal–it is its own sensuous delight.

There are various ways we come upon materials that guide us, inspire us, and sometimes transform us. Occasionally I stumble upon material as I browse the library stacks (admittedly this is the old-fashioned way, but I love it) – or surfing the net. But I have often been guided to wonderful sources through the recommendations of others.

This page is my attempt to pay that debt forward.  It will include a variety of  books, articles, essays, poetry, music, movies, concerts, and theatre. I will attempt to keep this updated with new reviews as I experience them.  I hope you find something on this page that will do for you what it has for me.

Spiritual Writers:

Women : From time upon time, it has been women more than men who have demonstrated a capacity for a fervent spirituality and devotion to God, who is love itself. Here are listed women spiritual writers who’s writings have played a major role in my spiritual journey.

Men : Here on this page are  spiritual mentors I discovered over the years. These writings have changed and continue to change my life. I hope this page (as well as the page on spiritual women writers) will stir up your curiosity enough to pick up one of these volumes and try it yourself.

Other Good Reads

Cinema & Theatre Reviews 

Books on Writing & Creativity   (under construction)