Super Moon – A Poem

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“We have seen His glory-the glory of the One and only, full of Grace and Truth” Jn. 1:14


Tonight the moon demands attention,

now closer to us than ever.

The gift comes twice a year they say,

to outshine the stars- more mysterious than the sun,

suspended over Mt. Rainer like a halo–

it draws our eyes up for what we yearn.

Upon its arrival –babies are born,

while oceans pour over dry roads.

How many such gifts have I missed looking down?

How many ruby-red sunsets or violet bursting dawns?

How many clapping thunderclouds and their electric ribs

have gone unnoticed as I fret

over this  tiny spot on my shirt.


Oh look, an old couple

walking into church hand in hand,

refusing to let go for the entire hour,

A tiny infant smiles

at each face equally.

Over there, two girls on a park bench giggle

at some secret known only to them.

A young mother sits shoulder to shoulder

with her daughter, and helps her with her homework,

smiling patiently, believing in her.

A worn caregiver sits

silent on the bed

next to a man bent with pain.

A trained athlete falls back in the race

to run with a lone, red-faced boy.

They cross the finish line together.

At the city pool a lone teenager with a disfigured face

is hugged by his little sister, and they smile.

The day is full of gifts

Each one a super moon

that carries its own wonder

showering the world with its own silver glow.

One need only look up.



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